zetasyanthis (zetasyanthis) wrote,


We enter times of darkness now,
the wounded and the shaken,
the times that would us now destroy,
if we should not awaken.

But still I hear dear freedom's call.
I hear its march and chime
and if you now just listen close
you'll see it still yet shines.

Now as one, we will stand tall,
against these men of pain,
against all those who hurt our joy,
who bring tears like the rain.

If I must lead, let it be now.
Let me stand strong and tall,
Let us together break these chains
Let not the darkness fall.

For we have beauty, dreams, and light,
and they have none they fight for.
They've only pain, a pain that binds
a pain that we have cure for.

I say again, we know it's cure,
for we have dreams and light,
for we have suffered and grown more whole,
and bloomed against the night.

They think they know our weakness now,
and we may well be weak,
but they know not the strength within
that now, at last, must speak.

They know not resolve, know not strength;
they cannot see our heartstrings.
But they will hear them nonetheless,
the music from that well-spring.

But never pain we seek of them,
though pain we may yet cause,
for hearts damaged well beyond ours
there is no healing gause.

Empathy, as much a blade
as any surgeon's tool
shall be our instrument of peace,
as we now fight this duel.

With broken hearts and tear-filled eyes
we'll weather coming storm.
And when the clouds at last do lift,
the dawn will yet be warm.

Today our task seems bleak, I know
but hear me now and stand.
I will not give into the hate
that strides upon this land.

Though I am angry, hurt, and sad,
I'll not respond in kind.
I'll stand and speak of love
to those with injured mind.

A candle now, lit on my desk
now stands against the dark.
It will not flicker, will not dim
that shining, tiny spark.

This battle now, waged all in words
I shall now t'last commence.
With shining heartstrings resonanant
in beauty's firm defense.

I ask you now to join as one
to stand against the dark
to stand with me against what comes
to hold your shimmer-spark.
Tags: healing, poem, politics
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